College president may face ‘super drunk’ charges

August 20, 2014
Dr. Charles Dillon

Dr. Charles Dillon

MANISTEE — Charles Dillon, president of West Shore Community College, had a blood alcohol level of .186 when he was pulled over by Manistee Police Department on Aug. 6 in the Oleson’s grocery store parking lot.

The police released the results this morning.

A blood alcohol level over .17 grams of alcohol per 100 milliliters of blood qualifies a charge of “super drunk” under Michigan law. The legal limit to drive is under .08.

“From this point the prosecutor will determine the appropriate charge and Mr. Dillon will be scheduled for an arraignment,” David Bachman, director of public safety, said. “That date has not been set to my knowledge.”

Dillon, 64, has been placed on paid administrative leave by the college’s board of trustee and ordered to rehabilitation.

Drivers convicted of super drunk receive enhanced punitive and license sanctions including the suspension of their driver’s license for one year, which includes no driving privileges for the first 45 days and then restricted for the remainder. Fines are also increased.

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