Scottville to allow ORVs

August 19, 2014

By Rob Alway. Editor-in-Chief.

SCOTTVILLE — The Scottville Police Department, with the approval of city commission, has issued a temporary traffic order allowing off road vehicles to travel through the city. For the past several months, the city commission has been discussing the idea of allowing ORVs in the city. All townships in Mason County, with the exception of Pere Marquette and Meade, have passed ordinances allowing ORVs.

The temporary traffic order serves in place of an ordinance and allows the city to “test out” the policy before making it into permanent law, City Manager Amy Williams said. The order was a recommendation from the city’s public safety committee.

It reads: “Snowmobiles, off-road vehicles and golf carts may be operated in the City of Scottville, when traveling the most direct route to gain access to fueling, dining, lodging or returning to their home base.”

ORVs are not allowed on State Street because it is state highway U.S. 10.

All other Michigan laws regarding ORV’s must be followed and that information can be found within Public Act 240 of 2008, Williams said.  Some of the highlights of that law are:

  1. No drivers under 12 allowed

  2. Drivers 12-16 must have their ORV Safety Certificate on-board + an adult who also has their Michigan driver’s license on-board

  3. Drivers 16+ must carry their Michigan driver’s license on-board

  4. Current annual ORV license sticker must be mounted on back of the vehicle

  5. Headlights & taillights must be on, day or night

  6. Maximum speed limit is 25mph (unless lower speeds are posted)

  7. Drive with the traffic flow, on the far right side of the street

  8. Drive single files and do not interfere with regular traffic

  9. If your ORV and golf cart does not have an approved roll bar, helmets and safety glasses are required

  10. You cannot drive your ORV or golf cart on US 10/State Street.  You are permitted to directly cross the street, but you must stay on city streets only.

  11. No person shall operate an ORV between the hours of 11:00pm and 6:00am

  12. ORV’s must stay on the paved portion of the street, they cannot be ridden on private property

“For the safety of ORV users and the safety of our residents we ask that ORV users follow the above and please feel free to ask any questions that you may have regarding this issue,” Williams said.  “The city commission will re-evaluate this issue next year and then decide if they will amend the city ordinance to allow their use permanently.