Skate plaza cleaned up, re-opened

August 13, 2014

LUDINGTON — The Ludington Skate Plaza has been re-opened. Earlier today, the Ludington Police Department shut the park down due to excessive trash.

“Thanks to the efforts of about a dozen skate plaza ‘fans’ the Ludington Skate Plaza has been cleaned up and will re-open this afternoon,” Police Chief Mark Barnett said.

“After hearing that the skate plaza was closed this morning, due to litter, individuals that use it came armed with brooms and a shovel and spent the morning picking up trash, moving sand and generally tidying up.  As a result the city will reopen the venue for skating at 2 p.m.

“We would like to thank those individuals this morning and others that routinely clean up after themselves, and others, for their efforts. For all those that regularly use the Ludington Skate Plaza please remember to do your part to keep this a family friendly place by using appropriate language and keeping it clean.”

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