Redline to offer a younger perspective at Scottville band shell show

August 11, 2014

redlineSCOTTVILLE – This week’s Tuesday night Scottville Clown Band Shell Concert Series will feature Redline. Hailing from Victory Township and Mason County Central High School, Preston Gigante, 14, (bass guitar and lead vocals), Jack Spicer, 16, (guitar and vocals), and Josh Spicer, 16, (drums and vocals) have been playing music around the area and are excited for this special performance at 7 p.m., Tuesday, August 12. MCP  Senior Correspondent, Kate Krieger met up with the band to discuss their musical journey thus far and where they hope to go in the future.

MCP: How did the band get its start and where did the group’s name come from?

JOSH: “Jack and I wanted to start a band, and I saw the name Redline on a car poster. I thought it was a cool name, and symbolized speed and power, and I wanted that to represent the band.”

PRESTON: “We all ride the school bus together, and I started talking to Jack and Josh. I knew they were musicians.”

JACK: “Right…and I asked Preston if he knew a bass player and lead singer…and he said he could do it.”

PRESTON: “And they believed me! Good thing it worked out.”

MCP: What style of music do you consider yourself? Any musical influences that are present in your music?

ALL: “We are so metal!” (Said laughingly)

JACK: “That has become our catchphrase…and it is a lie. We are, um, classic rock, punk and metal.”

JOSH: “Happy punk. Very happy punk. And alternative rock.”

PRESTON: “To the x-treme. Ha!”

JACK: “We like Green Day’s style of music. We do some in our set. For guitar, I think I like Joe Perry from Aerosmith’s style. His solo work inspired me a lot.”

JOSH: “I like Neil Peart from Rush. Every drummer aspires to be Neil.”

PRESTON: “Dave Grohl as a performer, his energy is amazing. As a bassist, my Uncle Ian has been a huge influence. He is a bassist in Hollywood. I also like Sting, Geddy Lee, and John Entwhistle from The Who. We do some Who in the set, too.”

MCP: How often do you play out and where can people check you out at besides this Tuesday’s show at the Scottville Clown Band Shell?

JACK: “That is the tough thing for us. There aren’t a lot of places we can play around here, being under 21.”

JOSH: “Most of the venues are bars. It is hard for young musicians to play out.

PRESTON: We have done LudRock twice, played Fridy Night Live once, the Harvest Festival, and shows for the Jingle Bell Jam in Manistee, school. We will be playing the Rocktober Fright Night at the Ludington Area Center for the Arts in October. We play everywhere we can, so if anyone wants to hire us.”

MCP: How did the Scottville gig come to you and what should people look forward to when they come out to hear you play?

JOSH: “Jeremy VerStraete, a local man who has been really great at supporting young musicians in the area, saw us at Harvest Festival. He has been a big supporter of the band and he is helping organize the summer concert series and running the sound for it, too.”

JACK: “He contacted our dad, and asked us to be a part of the series. He is trying to get the younger crowds out to the concerts, to give them a place to hear live music.”

PRESTON: “There are a lot of people who have supported us, and other young bands here. Ed Santarelli and the folks from Ludrock, or parents and teachers. We are very grateful. The people who come to the show should expect a lot of high energy, a really fun party atmosphere, loud music, classic rock, alternative, something for everyone, we hope.”

JACK: “Yes, we do play hard. Oh, there will be beach balls. We hope people will dance.”

JOSH: “And unicorns. Unicorns on my drums.”

MCP: In your spare time, when not playing music, what are the members of the group doing? 

JACK: “I play a lot of video games. I am also a new drum major for the MCC band. I play trumpet in the concert band, and guitar with the MCC jazz band.”

JOSH: “I am a drummer for the MCC marching band, concert band, and jazz band.”

PRESTON: “I hit the gym to work on my abs, my tan, and I am in astronaut training. And sleeping. I like to sleep. Oh, I also act. I do plays and films in the area. I am a drummer in the MCC marching and concert bands, and the bass player for the MCC jazz band.”

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