Wrestling tourney raises money for LHS team

July 28, 2014

allPhoto and information submitted by Marnie Nickelson.

LUDINGTON — A wrestling take-down tournament was held Saturday at Ludington Health Club to raise money for the Ludington High School wrestling team.

The following are the results:

Adult Bracket: 

1st- Dylan Sorensen

2nd- Frank Sanders

3rd- Jerome Nickelson (Assistant Varsity Coach for Ludington)


High School Brackets-

Over 155lb:

1st- Griffin Ray

2nd- Jordan Steiger

3rd- Lucas Catron


Under 155lb: 

1st- Logan Merrick

2nd- Adrian Hammerle

3rd- Ethan Tucker


Youth Brackets-

Over 100lb:

1st- Jaden Nickelson

2nd- Joseph Nickelson



1st- Ira Jenkins

2nd- Moshawn Kirkland

3rd- Jett Nickelson


Under 70lb: 

1st- Wyatt Jenkins

2nd- Ray Wortman



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