DSB Band tries to maintain the standard set by Journey

July 25, 2014

dsb_bandLUDINGTON — The third annual West Shore Bank Rhythm & Dunes concert series kicks off 7 p.m. Saturday night at Waterfront Park. Starting the season is the DSB Band, a tribute to the popular rock band Journey. MCP Editor-in-Chief Rob Alway spoke with lead singer Juan Del Castillo at his home in Los Angeles Thursday afternoon.

MCP: Tell me about the DSB Band.

JDC: We started in Los Angeles in 2009 for the purpose of paying a musical tribute to Journey. We don’t look like or act like the band Journey. There’s only one Journey. But, we try to play Journey’s music with accuracy and integrity. We like doing that in the concert setting because that’s where Journey’s music is its best. Our music will be more of a nostalgic perspective, though. If you were to go see a Journey concert now, they would be playing a combination of their old songs and new songs. Our show is basically what would be classified as their greatest hits.

MCP: Why Journey?

JDC: Everyone in our band is an accomplished musician. That’s what you need in order to play Journey music. People think it’s very simple music but when you really dive into their catalog, there are a lot of complex songs that require experienced musicianship and seasoned vocalist. Many of their songs are four or five part harmony.

MCP: What does DSB stand for?

JDC: It’s an acronym used by a lot of Journey fans for their popular song “Don’t Stop Believing.” But it’s a cool moniker for us and we all like the fact that we don’t necessarily have to be limited to being a Journey tribute band, if we wanted to do something else. But, our focus is to stay with the tribute. It keeps our calendar full. It’s also a good conversation starter.

MCP: You have played in this area before. Can you tell me about that?

JDC: We played at the Little River Casino in Manistee in 2011. It was the first time playing in that area and it’s good to be getting back there. Since then we have gained more national attention. But, that was one of the earlier shows we performed and the guys still talk about it. We received such great reception from the audience that it gave us the confidence to keep going.

MCP: What is your favorite Journey song?

JDC: You would think it would be “Don’t Stop Believing.” But, for me I really enjoy “Escape.” It is one of those songs. It was the title track to Journey’s greatest selling album. They sold 9 million copies. It’s Journey at its best. It’s complex musically and strong methodically. It’s so dynamic. A lot of people who have come to our shows who have never heard say it’s one of the most exciting songs we play and it just changes the whole pace of the concert.

MCP: Where else can people hear DSB Band besides at Ludington’s Waterfront Park this Saturday night?

JDC: We just did some gigs at Walt Disney World and we now have a relationship with Royal Caribbean cruise ships. We played some cruises already this year and are booked for 2015 in the Caribbean Sea and around Europe. It’s a great accolade to be hand selected by Royal Caribbean.

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