Scottville takes another step towards addressing ORVs

July 21, 2014

By Rob Alway. Editor-in-Chief. 

SCOTTVILLE — Should off road vehicles be allowed in the City of Scottville? That was a topic that was again brought up at tonight’s city commission meeting. During the last meeting, commissioners asked for more public input on a request to allow ORVs in the city limits.

To date, the cities of Scottville and Ludington and Pere Marquette Township are the only municipalities in Mason County that have passed ORV ordinances.

The city had sent out surveys in its recent newsletter but only received just over 30 responses.

During the early July regular meeting, commissioners raised concerns that while a slight majority approved of allowing ORVs in the city, it wasn’t enough to go through the expense of going through the expense of changing the ordinance.

City Manager Amy Williams said most of the respondents did request the ORVs be limited to a certain route.

Dan Quinn of Sheridan Township, and owner of U-Win Motor Sports, originally requested the city consider the ordinance. He presented a petition Monday with 132 signatures asking the city consider the ordinance. The surveys were located in Scottville businesses and are not limited to residents’ signatures.

Commissioner Jim Schiebner, who was one of the commissioners who asked for more input, said he was pleased with the petition. “This is exactly the type of input I was looking for,” he said.

One of the suggestions from a citizen was for the chief of police to issue a temporary traffic order with a deadline. This would allow the city to try out allowing ORVs, Williams said.

The commission agreed to turn the matter over to its traffic and safety committee.

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