The year of the mosquito

July 12, 2014

mosquito_squadBy Rob Alway. Editor-in-Chief. 

This has been the year of the mosquito. Most people in these parts have had little peace trying to enjoy the outdoors without being attacked and bit by the annoying little bugs.

Bad for you. Good for Mosquito Squad. Nate DeWeerd, ace mosquito killer, was recently over at my house fighting the good fight against our flying arch enemy.

“They are ridiculously terrible this year,” Nate said. “We have just been so busy. It’s been non stop.”

Nate said one of the causes of the thick mosquito population was the heavy snow falls from this past winter. More snow has meant an increased water table. “There’s a lot more moisture in the ground, and that’s where they lay their eggs,” he said. “Plus, we aren’t just getting recent eggs. Mosquito eggs can last up to 7 seasons without hatching. This year’s high water level just means that they have been exploding.”

Nate said the biggest advice to reduce mosquitos, besides hiring Mosquito Squad, is to eliminate all standing water in your yard.

Mosquito Squad can be reached at 231-852-0852.

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