Scottville commission tables ORV discussion; wants more public input

July 7, 2014

By Rob Alway. Editor-in-Chief. 

SCOTTVILLE — Three months ago the Scottville City Commission was asked to consider passing an Off Road Vehicle ordinance. The commission sent out surveys in the city’s newsletter, asking for feedback from residents. Only 34 people responded. Of those, 20 were in favor and 14 were against. The majority of those in favor stated there would be restrictions, especially limited travel routes, City Manager Amy Williams told the city commission Monday during its regular meeting.

“I had thought we would have quite a few more than that,” Williams said.

As a result, the commission has decided to table the topic and readdress it at the city’s late July meeting.

The commission was initially contacted in April by Dan Quinn, owner of U-Win Motor Sports.

“I am concerned with changing our ordinance from the request of someone who doesn’t live in the city,” Commissioner David Johnson said. “If this was 80 percent in favor than I would say let’s do it. I don’t feel the city should be pushed into it.”

Commissioner Jim Schiebner said he was torn about the decision to move forward or table the issue. He said he understands that ORV enthusiasts want to come into Scottville to get gas and supplies.

The townships surrounding Scottville — Riverton, Amber and Custer, all allow ORVs on the right-of-way.

“Nobody in town is necessarily stepping forward,” Schiebner said.

City Attorney Tracy Thompson told the commission that changing an ordinance is an expensive process and he would recommend the topic be discussed on a committee level first. Williams suggested the building and grounds committee, which handles streets, should discuss it.

“I don’t feel we need to act on this either way,” Johnson said, adding that he would like ORV enthusiasts to come to the city commission meeting and state their case, even if they aren’t city residents.

“I feel someone else needs to get involved. Thirty responses just doesn’t show any interest out there.”

The next city commission meeting is Monday, July 21 at 5:30 p.m.

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