Hesperia man sentenced to prison for stealing from Wal-Mart

June 17, 2014

By Rob Alway. Editor-in-Chief. 

LUDINGTON — A Hesperia man who stole electronics from the Ludington Wal-Mart was sentenced to prison this afternoon.

Matthew Allan Sharp, 28, of 136 N. Elm St., Hesperia, has a long criminal history, which includes four retail fraud (shoplifting) complaints, larceny, home invasion, felonious assautl, several drug and alcohol convictions and a pending child abuse/neglect case in Newaygo County. Because of the multiple offenses, he faced a possible life sentence.

On Feb. 10, 2014 he was arrested by Michigan State Police Hart Post for stealing electronics from the Ludington Wal-Mart in August 2013. That offense took place just two months after he was arrested on two separate retail fraud third degree charges in Newaygo County.

Sharp’s attorney John Spillen said Sharp was drunk when he and two other defendants, Christine Fitzgerald and Samantha Fitzgerald.

Initially, Sharp was offered a plea agreement of serving 1 year in jail with 10 months up front. However, 51st Circuit Court Judge Richard Cooper rejected the plea agreement.

Sharp’s attorney John Spillen, after meeting with Prosecutor Paul Spaniola and then the defendant, requested 12 months. However, Spaniola requested a term of 18 months, falling in the state sentencing guidelines of 12 to 48 months.

Judge Cooper sentenced Sharp to 18 months to 5 years in prison.

He also faces charges in Newaygo County.

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