Pedicab company offers unique perspective of Ludington

June 6, 2014

Sunset Spokes - Waterfront Park 2 2014By Rob Alway. Editor-in-Chief. 

LUDINGTON — There is a new cab company in Ludington, but this one doesn’t use any gas. Recently, the Sunset Spokes Pedicab Company opened up, providing service in and around downtown Ludington. The company was started by Brandy Henderson and her father, John Henderson, along with business partner Derek Kowatch.

The pedicab is similar to a rickshaw, operated by a bicycle pulling a cart. The carts can hold up to three people.

sunset spokes - Plaza - 2014“What we wanted to do was provide service close to the parks,” Brandy said. “It’s a fun and creative way to get people from one place to another. We know sometimes parking isn’t always great at places like the beach. This is a great alternative.”

The cab service will operate everyday beginning the middle of June until Labor Day weekend. After that, Brandy said they will probably go down to weekends until the weather cools off.

Service will be available from 4 to 11 p.m. during the week and later on weekends.

“This is a unique experience for people to get to their destination but also to see the attractions Ludington has to offer.”

Brandy is the executive director of the Ludington Area Convention and Visitors Bureau. John is former mayor of Ludington and works in human resources at OxyChem.

Rates are fairly inexpensive. There is a $2 base fee and then $1 a block. Cabs can be called at 231-233-8848. “Give us a few minutes though,” Brandy said. “Sometimes the drivers will have to come from the other side of town.”

At this time they have two pedicabs and will have four to six different drivers.

Brandy said the pedicabs will also be available for hire for special events and for special tours.

“So far it’s been really popular,” Brandy said. “We’ve only been operating on Friday and Saturday nights but we’ve been transporting people around town, mainly downtown. We are excited about this and think it will be a fun way to get around.”



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