College president receives favorable review from board

May 19, 2014
Dr. Charles Dillon

Dr. Charles Dillon

By Rob Alway. Editor-in-Chief.

VICTORY TWP. — West Shore Community College’s Board of Trustees gave the college’s president, Dr. Charles Dillon, an overall 4.6 out of 5 rating for his performance this past year. The board met in closed session during its regular monthly meeting to discuss the president’s job.

Dillon was rated in 21 areas. The rating of 5 was defined as “performance is consistently above expectations, work is of exceptionally high quality. The rating of 4 was defined as “performance frequently exceeds expectations.”

Dillon’s highest ratings, 5, including his honesty with the board and his commitment to the college and meeting his responsibilities. His lowest rating, 4.2, was in the area of keeping the board informed about internal information and external reports.


The ratings were as follows:

1. Is honest in all dealings with board members: 5

2. Keeps all board members informed of issues, needs and operations of the district: 4.3

3. Is available to answer questions from board members: 4.6

4. Provides guidance to the board in the development of board or district goals: 4.8

5. Provides adequate and timely board agenda information: 4.9

6. Is committed to the college and meeting his responsibilities: 5

7. Is creative: 4.4

8. Involves people appropriately in decisions: 4.4

9. Is visible on the campus and in the community: 4.4

10. Helps the board members develop parameters for collective bargaining with employee groups: 4.3

11. Regularly informs the board about college, student and employee accomplishments: 4.9

12. Keeps the board informed about important legislative issues at the local, state and federal level: 4.4

13. Keeps the board informed about internal information and external reports: 4.2

14. Helps the board be visible: 4.4

15. Supports board policy and board actions to the public and the staff: 4.7

16. Provides strong fiscal and facilities management and leadership: 5

17. Promotes economic development through the college district: 4.7

18. Oversees public image of the college: 4.7

19. Continue refining the financial suitability model and demonstrate it to the full board at the fall board retreat: 4.8

20. Continue to promote and drive the student success agenda and develop measurements that will be presented to the board: 4.8

21. Provide more and better information to the board, regarding the college’s accreditation process: 4.4.

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