Scottville homeowner requesting alley abandonment

May 16, 2014

By Rob Alway. Editor-in-Chief. 

SCOTTVILLE — Scottville City Commission may begin the process of abandoning an unused alley when it meets Monday for its regular meeting. The alley is located between First and Second streets off of Scott Street.

“This is an unimproved alley and looking at it you really have a hard time differentiating it from a back yard,” City Manager Amy Williams said in her pre-meeting notes to the commission. “As you will see on the enclosed map, the alley dead ends into private property after 300 feet, in most cases the alleyways run between two streets, this is an exception to that.”

According to state law the process of abandoning an alley is to first declare your intent to abandon the alley by resolution, Williams said. “From there we will set a date not less than four weeks from the date the resolution was approved to hear objections to the request.  Also during that four week time frame I would mail a notice to each adjoining property owner as well as all utility companies.”

Approving the abandonment requires a two-thirds majority vote by the commission.


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