Road conditions update

April 15, 2014

Mason County Emergency Management along with the Mason County Road Commission continue to assess the conditions of county roads as a result of last weekend’s storm. Here is a list of roads and the conditions they are in as of 4:30 p.m. today. Also, there is a link of a map showing some of the impacted areas.

Mason County Emergency Coordinator Liz Reimink said the map may not be 100% accurate but is meant to be a reference.

Click here for map.

Closed – Water Issues/Water Over Roadway

Amber Rd. South of Decker Rd.

Appleton Rd. South of Meisenheimer Rd.

Beyer Rd. West of Custer Rd.

Bradshaw Rd. between Stephens Rd. and Indian Trail Rd.

Budzynski Rd.1/4 mile North of Fountain Rd.

Campbell Rd. near Koenig Rd.

Campbell Rd. South of Hawley Rd.

County Line Rd. between Custer Rd. and Tuttle Rd.

Custer Rd. between Hoague Rd. and County Line Rd.

Darr Rd. between Chauvez Rd. Willson Rd.

Darr Rd. between Hawley Rd. and Meisenheimer Rd.

Darr Rd. between Sippy Rd. and Anthony Rd.

Decker Rd. between Stephens Rd. and Reek Rd.

Deer Rd. West of Larson Rd.

Dennis Rd between First Street and Conrad Rd.

Dennis Rd. just North of Hansen Rd.

Forest Trail between Campground and Lake Michigan

Freesoil Rd. between Schoenherr Rd. and Budzynski Rd.

Gajeski Rd. West of Custer Road

Griffin Rd. North of Fountain Road

Hawley Rd. East of Masten Rd.

Hawley Rd. East of Ordway Rd.

Hogenson Rd. between Anthony Rd. and Meisenheimer Rd.

Koening Rd. 1/2 mile West of US-31

La Salle Rd. At Reinhold Rd.

Larson Rd. 1 mile South of Freesoil Rd.

Larson Rd. between Dewey Rd and Millerton Rd

Larson Rd. between Hasenbank  and Bennett Rd.

LaSalle Rd. North of Johnson Rd

LaSalle Road between Decker Rd and Hansen Rd

Lucek Rd. West of Masten Rd.

Major Rd between Tuttle Rd and Custer Rd

Meyers Rd. South of First St.

Morton Rd. and Anthony Rd.

Morton Rd. between North County Line Rd. and Sass Rd.

Morton Rd. cross of Modjeski Rd.

Morton Rd. cross of Old Freesoil Rd. and Cooper Creek Rd.

Nurnberg Rd. at Morton Rd.

Old Freesoil Rd. between Morton Rd. and Vine Rd.

Sass Rd. between Morton Rd. and first curve

Sherman Rd. South of Fountain Rd.

Stephens Rd. between Decker Rd. and Sugar Grove Rd

Stephens Rd. between Fountain Rd. and  Beyer Rd.

Stephens Rd. between Hansen Rd. and Decker Rd.

Stiles Rd. near West Shore Community College

Tyndall Rd. near Freesoil Rd

West Forest Trail cross of US-31

White Rd. between Quarterline Rd. and LaSalle Rd.

Wilson Rd. near Riverside Bridge and Indian Trail


Road Damage/Impacts as of April 15, 2014, 4:30 p.m.

Closed – Damaged/Washed Out

Conrad Rd. between Tuttle Rd. and Custer Rd .

Darr Rd. between Sippy Rd. and Anthony Rd.

Darr Rd. North of Sugargrove Rd.

Decker Rd. between Custer Rd. and Stephens Rd.

Decker Rd. Between Victory Corner Rd. and Stiles Rd.

Dennis Rd. North of Hansen Rd.

Dewey Road between Reek Rd & Schoenherr Rd.

Eden Lake Rd. between Lone Pine Rd. and Stella Rd.

First Street and Tuttle Rd.

Fisher Rd. between Stiles Rd. and Amber Rd.

Fountain Rd between US-31 and Stiles Rd. (Washout near US-31 road blocked @ Stiles to reduce traffic)

Hansen Rd. between US-31 and Bean Rd.

Hansen Rd. west of  US-31

Hawley Rd. West of Woods Trail Rd.

Hoague Rd between Alexander Rd. and LaSalle Rd.

Indian Trail between Wilson Rd. and Bradshaw Rd.

Johnson Rd. between Custer Rd and Stephens Rd

Koenig Rd. between Custer Rd. and Stephens Rd.

Millerton Rd. cross of Stephens Rd.

Modjeski Rd. West of Quarterline Rd.

Morton Rd. between Forest Trail Drive and Nurnberg Rd.

Poplar Rd. 1/4 mile South of US-10

Rasmussen between Jebavy and Meyers (between addresses of 5146 and 5173)

Schoenherr Rd. between Dewey and Millerton

Schwass between Hawley and Kistler

Sippy Rd. East of Talquist Rd.

Townline Rd. between Custer Rd. and  Tuttle Rd.

Tuttle Rd. North of US-10

Tuttle Rd. South of Koenig Rd.

Area Churches