Road closures throughout the county

April 14, 2014

By Rob Alway. Editor-in-Chief.

Heavy wind and rain Saturday night along with heavy rain Sunday night have created hazardous road conditions in parts of Mason County. Emergency and road crews have been out throughout the day assessing damage to area roads.

“We have numerous reports of roads covered with several inches of water and some starting to washout,” said Mason County Emergency Coordinator Liz Reimink. “We are asking motorist to avoid these locations and to not drive through standing water that’s over roadways and avoid ALL contact with down power lines.

“Travel only if necessary and if you encounter a barricade, please do not move the barrels or barricades as these roads are not safe for travel.”

Anyone who encounters a life threatening condition and needs Fire, EMS or police should call 911.

Below is a list of reported road damage as of 1:30 p.m. today:

Closed – Water Issues/Water Over Roadway

Amber Township

  • Amber Rd. south of Decker Rd.
  • Dennis Rd. just north of Hansen Rd.
  • Dennis Road between First Street and Conrad roads
  • LaSalle Rd. between Decker and Hansen roads
  • Decker Rd. between Victory Corner and Stiles roads (washed out)
  • Dennis Rd. north of Hansen Rd. (washed out)
  • Hansen Rd. west of U.S. 10 (washed out)


Custer Township

  • Hansen Rd. between U.S. 31 and Bean Rd.
  • Johnson and Darr roads (intersection)
  • Stephens Rd. between Hansen and Decker roads
  • Tuttle Rd. between Hansen and Filburn roads
  • Wilson Rd. near Riverside Bridge and Indian Trail
  • First St. and Tuttle Rd. (washed out)
  • Indian Trail between Wilson and Bradshaw (washed out)
  • Johnson Rd. between Custer and Stephens roads (washed out)
  • Tuttle Rd. north of US-10 (washed out)
  • Decker Rd. between Custer and Stephens roads (washed out)



Eden Township

  • Darr Rd. between Hawley and Meisenheimer roads
  • Darr Rd. between Sippy and Anthony roads
  • Major Rd. between Tuttle and Custer roads
  • Darr between Sippy and Anthony (washed out)
  • Eden Lake Rd. between Lone pine Rd. and Stella Rd. (washed out)
  • Sippy Rd. between Eden lake Rd and Custer Rd. (washed out)
  • Sippy Rd. east of Talquist Rd. (washed out)
  • Hawley Rd. west of Woods Trl. (washed out)
  • Major Rd. between Scottville Rd. and Tuttle Rd. (washed out)


Free Soil Township

  • Gajewski Rd. west of Custer Road
  • Townline Rd. between Custer & Tuttle roads
  • Custer Rd. between Hoague Rd and Countyline Rd
  • Koenig Rd. between Custer and Stephens roads (washed out)
  • Tuttle Rd. south of Koenig Rd. (washed out)
  • Townline Rd. between Custer Rd. and Tuttle Rd. (washed out)


Grant Township

  • Hoague Rd. between Alexander and LaSalle roads
  • White Rd. between Quarterline and LaSalle roads
  • Morton Rd. between Countyline and Sass roads
  • Morton Rd.cross of Modjeski Rd.
  • Morton Rd. cross of old Free Soil Rd. and Cooper Creek Rd.
  • Old Freesoil Rd. between Morton Rd. and Vine Rd.
  • Nurnberg Rd. at Morton Rd.
  • Forest Trail near far west end
  • Sass Rd. between Morton Rd. and the first curve
  • Koenig Rd. between Darr and Stephens roads
  • La Salle Rd. at Reinhold Rd.
  • Morton Rd. between Forest Trail Drive and Nurnberg Rd. (washed out)


Hamlin Township

  • Angling Rd. between Jebavy Dr. and Beaune Rd., Hamlin Twp.
  • Fisher Road east of Jebavy Dr.
  • Sherman Rd. near Victory Drive
  • Sherman Rd. south of Fountain Rd.


Meade Township

  • Free Soil Rd. between Schoenherr and Budzynski roads
  • Tyndall Rd. near Free Soil Rd.
  • Free Soil Rd. between Schonerer and Budzynski roads
  • Larson Rd. between Hasenbank and Bennett roads


Pere Marquette Township

  • Rassmussen Rd. between Jebavy and Meyers (washed out)


Riverton Township

  • Hogenson Rd. between Anthony and Meisenheimer roads
  • Schwass Rd. between Hawley and Kistler roads (washed out)
  • Stiles between Marrison and Washington roads (wires and lines)


Sherman Township

  • Decker Rd. between Stephens and Reek roads
  • Beyer Rd. west of Custer Rd.
  • Griffin Road North of Fountain Road
  • Schoenerr Rd. between Dewey and Millerton roads
  • Dewey Rd. between Reek and Schoenherr roads (washed out)


Summit Township

  • South Lakeshore Drive from Lattin Rd to Oceana Drive (power issues)


Victory Township

  • Fisher Rd. between Stiles and Amber roads (washed out)
  • Fountain Rd between US-31 and Stiles Rd. (washed out)
  • Victory Drive between Stiles and Amber roads (washed out)

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