Scottville may consider ORVs

April 8, 2014

SCOTTVILLE — Should Scottville allow off road vehicles? This is a question that the city will be exploring. Dan Quinn, owner of U-Win Motor Sports of Amber Township, spoke to the city commission asking for the city to allow ORVs, like many of the county townships have allowed.

The city commission discussed the topic and decided to first hold a public meeting to seek opinions from the citizens. If the consensus is to move forward, the city would then hold a public hearing, because it would need to change the ordinance.

Currently, Scottville allows snowmobiles to ride in town, at a very slow speed, with the exception of the 100 blocks of Main and State streets.

City attorney Tracy Thompson said state law distinguishes a difference between snowmobiles and ORVs, which requires the city to go through the formal procedures.

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