Scottville to change refuse hauler

April 7, 2014

By Rob Alway. Editor-in-Chief. 

SCOTTVILLE — The city will be changing to a new refuse carrier beginning the next fiscal year. Earlier in the year the city requested bids for its refuse contract, which expires on June 30 of this year.

Republic Services of Manistee provided a smaller bid compared to the city’s current waste hauler, Area 31 of Victory Township, at $175,532.12 over a three year period compared to $188,138, a savings of $12,574.88.

Republic’s bid calls for $56,800 for the first year, $58,504 the second year and $60,259.12 the third year.

Area 31 had also noted that it may need to charge a fuel surcharge if gas exceeds $4.50 per gallon but notes possible savings if the city were to eliminate the spring and fall clean-ups.

“We need to remember when we considered making the change back to city bags we sent out a survey asking the residents their opinion on which option they preferred,” City Manager Amy Williams wrote in a memo to the commission.  “As you remember option #1 was overwhelmingly supported which included going back to city bags, continuing the recycling program and also continuing the spring and fall clean ups.  Besides just choosing that option many people noted the importance of recycling as well as the clean-ups when returning their surveys.  I feel based on the information we asked people to comment on, we should hold to our contract as written with two clean-ups.

“If we were to consider the option presented to eliminate the clean-ups and go to one item per month bulky pick-up I would say the contract should be re-written and re-bid in order to make it fair for all parties.”


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