Spring break family fun

March 30, 2014

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As local schools begin Spring Break, many families will be spending extra time together.  If you’re not lucky enough to be heading out of town on a family vacation, try some of these tips to make the hours more enjoyable.

  • ·        Do a cooking project together.  Thaw those black bananas you’ve been stashing the freezer for months and bake a giant batch of banana bread.  Give the results to friends and family and gifts, or stock the freezer for future snacking.  Or, enlist the kids to help prepare a special gourmet meal for an otherwise ordinary weeknight dinner.  Dress up the table with candles, fancy serving ware, and table linens to make the occasion special.  Let the kids do as much as they can.  Remember, it’s about the fun you’ll have, not how quickly or how neatly you get the job done.
  • ·        Visit the State Park.  Even though the weather doesn’t seem inviting, if you dress properly the whole family can enjoy an hour or so in the fresh air.  If some members of the family aren’t enthusiastic about this plan, offer a post-walk reward.  For instance, have pizza at your favorite spot or stop on the way home to rent a movie that everyone will enjoy.
  • ·        Peruse Pinterest for Easter craft ideas.  Younger kids will especially enjoy this one.  A trip to a local dollar store can supply you with enough raw material to fill your home with fluffy pastel decorations.
  • ·        Gather around the table for a favorite snack and play board games.  Or, just talk.  Follow this link for a list of conversation starters that are great for older kids:  http://casafamilyday.org/familyday/tools-you-can-use/conv-starters/.


Have a happy and healthy spring break!

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