Life is like spaghetti

March 16, 2014

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Life is a lot like spaghetti.  Stay with me here a minute – I’ll explain.  Did you ever walk into a room and know for a fact that you interrupted something?  The people might have been arguing.  Or kissing.  Maybe they were gossiping or planning a surprise party.  Whatever it was, they weren’t doing it the moment you popped in, but it sure was clear that something had been happening and that it came to an abrupt halt.

So how do you know this?  It just hangs in the air, doesn’t it?

Now imagine all the people you come across in a day.  Start with your family members, and all the people you see at gas stations and at work, on the road, and in stores and restaurants.  Each one of us is carrying some kind of energy, just like the energy hanging in that room you entered.  As we go along each day, we’re leaving a trail of energy like a long string of spaghetti through our shower and our living room, through the car and roadways to work or to the store or where ever it is we are headed.  The spaghetti piles up in our offices, weaves up and down the store aisles, and strings along the roadways as we drive.

Every other person, in every other car, in every other gas station, doing all their daily errands is also leaving their spaghetti.  As we cross paths, or wait in lines, attend meetings, and even return home, we’re shoulder deep in this spaghetti.  We’re going over and under and around the other spaghetti of everyone else’s day.  We’re passing through road rage and lovesickness, through genuine clarity and someone’s life dreams.  We’re slogging through heartache, mourning, and we’re riding on pure, soul-deep joy.

If you get wound on the fork with a bunch of folks who’ve had a rough time, who are sad or angry, frustrated or struggling, you can find a bad mood without anything wrong in your own life at all.  It works the other way, too – a day of feeling great without explanation.

So, I urge us all caution as we wander through life.  Feed the happiness and let go the sludge.  Put out the best spaghetti you can each day and make the world a nicer place for friend and stranger alike.  Watch out for the meatballs along the way.




© 2014, J. L. Cools

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