Knysz: I don’t really remember the details. My mind was just, I don’t know.

February 24, 2014
Eric Knysz speaks with his attorney, David Glancy.

Eric Knysz speaks with his attorney, David Glancy.

The following are excerpts of the transcript, provided by the Mason County Prosecutors Office, from an interview with Eric Knysz conducted by Michigan State Police Det. Sgt. Gary Green on Sept. 12, 2013 while Knysz was still in the hospital. This was the second interview Green had conducted with Knysz, the earlier being on Sept. 10, 2013. 

Eric Knysz had told Det. Green how he and Sarah found a car to purchase and that he had gone to his boss’ house to borrow $400 to buy the car.

Green: So, what happened next?

E. Knysz: I was going to pick up the car and — cuz I was going to have my wife just drive the truck home. And I seen the officer pull to the side of the road. As soon I went past him, he turned around. And he walked up to the truck and I was thinking (inaudible) and I shot him.

Green: OK. Remember how you were holding the gun when you shot him? I mean did you…

E. Knysz: (inaudible)

Green: Down in your lap. (inaudible) like I’m doing here with…

E. Knysz: I don’t really remember the details. My mind was just, I don’t know. That whole night was just…

Green: OK. When you shot the trooper what, what happened next? Did you get out of the truck or did…

E. Knysz: My wife said that there was somebody coming and I just left.

Green: OK. So you just drove away?

E. Knysz: Yeah.

Green: Did the trooper stumble away or did he…

E. Knysz: He just fell.

Green: Which way did he fall?

E. Knysz: He was, he was standing like that and kind of fells.

Green: Like right up against your truck?

E. Knysz: Not, I don’t think he hit the truck, but (inaudible).

Green: Toward the truck?

E. Knysz: Yeah.

Green: OK.

E. Knysz: Cuz I didn’t (inaudible).

Green: OK. What happened next?

E. Knysz: I went to my mom’s to have her come drive — drive my dad’s truck home… Instead of buying that car I was scared, so I… almost 700 bucks out and just gonna use that to try to run, but…

Green: OK. By now it sounds like you’re probably in panic mode?

E. Knysz: Mm-hm.

Green: OK. What’s Sarah doing? Is she in panic mode too?

E. Knysz:: My wife has very, very mixed emotions, but…

Green: OK.

E. Knysz: She was smiling and then balling her eyes out, so that didn’t help me much.

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