Scottville to pile snow in ‘Railroad Alley’

February 17, 2014

SCOTTVILLE — The City of Scottville is running out of room where to put its snow piles. City Manager Amy Williams reported, in a memo, to City Commission that snow removal crews are trying to find alternative locations to place the snow from Main and State streets and from the west and east parking lots.

As an alternative, the city will start piling snow in the alleyway that runs along the railroad tracks between Blaine and Columbia streets, known unofficially as ‘Railroad Alley.’ Williams said, during the commission’s regular meeting Monday, that area is not a street and is the most economical place to put the snow.

“We’ve already lost the majority of the west parking lot to the two snow piles,” Williams said. “There isn’t much more room there to be had.”

Moving snow to Riverside Park would be rather cost prohibitive, Williams said. Jabrocki Excavation is contracted with the city to remove snow from downtown. Williams said the city does not have the type of equipment Jabrocki has, such as a payloader.

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