MCP preparing for Butterfield murder trial

February 17, 2014

Mason County Press plans to cover the trial against Eric Knysz as thoroughly and objectively as possible. To help you, the reader, follow along here are some things to know about our coverage:

– We have created a category called “Trooper Butterfield” on our website, There is a link to this category on our main menu under the masthead. This contains all the stories we have posted related to the murder of Trooper Butterfield. Through the trial, our posts will be listed under this category, as well as the “news” and “courts” categories.

– Throughout each day of the trial we will be posting recap stories on Several times an hour we will also be posting updates on our social media sites and

– We will typically limit the Facebook postings to one or two per hour, or each time there is a change in witness and/or there is significant testimony.

– Monitor Twitter for more frequent updates under the hashtag #trooperslaying. Our friends and will also be using this hashtag.

– Editor-in-Chief Rob Alway and Correspondent Lisa Enos will be providing team coverage during the 9 day period. We could still use your help to offset costs, however. If you would like to contribute, please go to and click on the “PayPal” button near the top of the side advertising column. mcp masthead 082013

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