Hamlin resident encourages public transit supporters to attend tonight’s meeting

February 13, 2014

Letter to the Editor.

There is a dedicated group of Hamlin Township residents working hard to reach their neighbors and friends to explain the need for a public transportation system in Hamlin. Many residents mistakenly believe we already have the bus because they see an occasional privately contracted bus in the Hamlin area.

The Committee for Hamlin Public Transportation (Hamlin Rides) is a dedicated group.  They plan public forums where the community can learn why we need a public transportation system now. They share informational brochures that explain why we need a public transportation system now.

Everywhere they go, the Hamlin Rides volunteers talk to people and ask about their transportation needs. These people, who are all residents of Hamlin Township, are overjoyed that there is a group willing to help bring the bus to their address. They have many and various reasons for needing a bus. Some need a bus four times a month. Others need it 44 times a month, to get to work. All these trips show how much they need a public transportation system now.

Hamlin Township does not have a public bus that we can call and they will come. So with the help of the voters Hamlin can have a wonderful bus service. This service would be available to all the residents of Hamlin Township.

If you support Public Transportation for Hamlin Township come to an informational meeting at the Hamlin Township Hall Thursday, 6:30 p.m. This meeting will have local speakers. They will speak on the subject “How will Public Transportation Benefit Hamlin Township”. We hope all the volunteer drivers will come and bring those you help to get around so they can show their support.

Come out and learn why Hamlin township needs public transportation now.

See you on the bus!!!!

Sonja Collier, co-chair Hamlin Rides
Hamlin township property owner and resident

5915 W. Mavis Rd.
Ludington MI

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