Environmental author will speak at Ludington library

February 7, 2014

davisLUDINGTON — Environmental writer Jerry Dennis will discuss his award-winning book, “The Living Great Lakes,” onWednesday, February 12, 7:30 p.m. in the West Shore Bank Room at the Ludington branch of the Mason County District Library.

This semester West Shore Community College is taking stock of its location in a water rich environment to focus student attention on the myriad ways water impacts their lives and about the ways their lives impact water.  The timing seems particularly relevant this semester as many Great Lakes water issues such as the Asian Carp threat reach the news, and as incidents like the recent chemical spill in West Virginia serve to remind us of the vital every-day significance of water.

A series of campus events, a common reading, and classwork in courses all across the college will facilitate student and community engagement with the theme of water.  Davis will also be on WSCC’s Victory Township campus on February 13.   “The Living Great Lakes” is the semester’s common read.  WSCC has invited the community to participate in the water theme by attending our events, reading “The Living Great Lakes,” and spending the coming months with us in discussion and reflection about the importance of water.  More information can be found athttp://yearofwater.westshore.edu/ or by contacting Seán Henne, WSCC professor of English and Education.  231-843-5859 or swhenne@westshore.edu.