Scottville down to one snow plow temporarily

January 28, 2014

SCOTTVILLE — Scottville City Manager Amy Williams is asking residents to be a little patient the next few days as one of the city’s two Department of Public Works snowplows is in for repairs. “The mechanic is hoping to have it back to us by Thursday,” Williams said.

Williams said Scottville used to have three plow trucks, but for the past several years City Commission has chosen not to replace the third truck. She said the Mason County Road Commission will be assisting by helping with salting and sanding State Street (U.S. 10). The truck in for repairs also serves as the city’s salt and sand truck. She has also contacted local private plowing firms that have commercial vehicles and they may fill in when they can.

“Hopefully the weather will ease up for the next few days,” she said. “Everyone’s streets will get plowed, but priority always has to go to U.S. 10, Main Street and then the truck routes.”


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