Update: MCC bus driver harassed by angry parent

January 22, 2014

SCOTTVILLE — An unhappy parent apparently verbally harassed a Mason County Central bus driver Tuesday afternoon while the bus was on its route in Amber Township. The Mason County Sheriff’s Office received a complaint Tuesday night about the incident that took place at the intersection of Hansen and Amber roads.

Superintendent Jeff Mount said the parent, who used his truck to block the bus, was upset because of a mis-communication.

“We switched a drop off point for their child at the father’s request,” Mount told MCP. “Somewhere the intersection was mis-communicated and I’m not sure where the fault lies. The bus was waiting at one intersection and the parents at another. The father lost his temper and verbally accosted the driver with profanity and angry words  while in the doorway of the bus. He parked his truck across the road blocking any forward progress of the bus.”

Mount said he was made aware of the situation today, though he has been away at a conference.

“I was able to get a hold of the father and I explained that this sort of behavior is unacceptable and cannot be tolerated as it exposes our students and bus driver to unsafe conditions. I apologized for the mis-communication, still not sure where the problem occurred. I also pointed out the fact that we were doing his family a favor in changing the drop off. He verbally accosted me on the phone and said we would not be transporting his son too and from school. For the interests of all involved, I fully agreed.”

Mount said the complaint was made by a parent of a student who was on the bus who was exposed to the angry behavior of the father. Sheriff Kim Cole said the situation is under  investigation.

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