Riverton home heavily damaged during fire

January 22, 2014

riverton_fire_schwass_road_012214_aRIVERTON TWP. — Barb Storm was home with her dogs this afternoon when she saw smoke in her house at 5289 S. Schwass Road. The smoke was coming from the basement. She went

Chief Joe Cooper

Chief Joe Cooper

downstairs and discovered fire going into the floor joists near the woodstove. She immediately called 911 and got out of the house. Riverton and Scottville fire departments were dispatched about 2:40 p.m. Custer Fire Department was also later called to assist.

Barb and her husband, Tim, watched in the 14-degree temperatures and in falling snow as firefighters knocked down the fire. Riverton Fire Chief Joe Cooper confirmed that the fire appeared to have started in the basement near the woodstove.

Firefighters replace air tanks.

Firefighters replace air tanks.

“I just cleaned all the pipes out a few weeks ago after that really cold spell,” Tim Storm said. “I’m not sure what happened.” He said the couple, who has lived in the house for 26 years, has insurance.

“I really feel for people who lose their homes over the holidays,” Barb said. “We are blessed and can replace items. We really appreciate the efforts of the fire departments.”

Cooper called the American Red Cross to assist the couple.

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