Scottville drivers, residents asked to be patient with snow plows

January 20, 2014

SCOTTVILLE — City Manager Amy Williams is reminding citizens and visitors to Scottville to have patience with the city’s snowplowing crews.

“I would like to just remind everyone of some items that go along with snowplowing as we’ve had a few issues here and there,” Williams wrote to the City Commission in a memo.

Williams said the first priority of snow removal is to keep U.S. 10 (State Street) open and clear. The city receives funding from the Michigan Dept. of Transportation and is contracted to keep the highway clear.

Main Street is the next priority, followed by the city’s truck routes, major streets and then local streets, followed by alleys. “During snow events our drivers generally come in at 4 a.m. and start plowing. It takes them several hours to get all the streets cleared as we have only two of the larger plow trucks.”

Williams said plow drivers face several issues. “People tend to drive too close to the plow trucks,” she said. “They even try to pass. Passing is pretty much prohibited in the city limits anywhere, let along passing a plow is just not a good idea.”

Plowing or blowing snow into the street is prohibited. “It can cause safety concerns for our drivers or dangerous situations for property as that snow tends to freeze.”

Parking vehicles on the street is prohibited between 2 to 7 a.m. Only persons with designated parking permits can legally park in a city parking lot during those hours, as well.

Williams said mailboxes are also an issue. “Many of them have been lost this year due to force of snow. We hear frequently from our residents that our drivers ‘hit’ their mailbox. That does occasionally happen but most of the time it is the force of snow that takes them out. We recommend that people reinforce their boxes or even put up something to help protect the box during winter months.

“Our policy states that if a plow driver directly hits your box with the plow truck the city crew will provide a standard black mailbox and post, if needed, and will install it as soon as possible. A permanent post will be put in once the weather permits. If the mailbox is knocked over due to force of snow and no damage occurs the homeowner is responsible for putting their original mailbox back in place. If the box or post is damaged the city will provide them with a standard black mailbox, metal post and bracket and the resident is responsible for putting them back up.

“Our drivers do the best they can to keep our streets safe. We just ask that people follow the rules which will make the winter months safe for everyone.  I have personally ridden with our drivers and I know members of the city commission have as well over the years.  This is not an easy job, please give these guys some room to do their jobs and understand they are just doing the best job that they can.”

City ordinance also requires that sidewalks be cleared. However, while the city encourages residents to be good neighbors, it does not enforce the ordinance.

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