Paying it forward at Pajama Llama Ranch

January 12, 2014

pajama llamaBy D’Ann Rohrer. MCP Correspondent. 

GRANT TWP. — “My dream is to be able to help people enjoy the outdoors, learn something new, and interact with animals,” says Tonya Green-Wilson, owner of Pajama Llama Ranch.  “I want to get kids off the couch and away from the television and video games.”

Pajama Llama Ranch is offering mule pulled sleigh rides for a donation while the snow lasts.  “I want everyone to have the opportunity to enjoy the outdoors and animals, that’s why we only ask for donations,” Tonya says.

Donations are applied to gift cards and given to families in need as the situation arises.

“It is what hits us at the moment, if we see a house fire, we donate.  If it is close to a holiday we bank some money and buy hams for families for their holiday meal.”

Pajama Llama Ranch started three years ago with 29 llamas.  “We have downsized so we can have a variety of animals,” Tonya says.  “The llamas are good guards that protect our other livestock.”

Animals at the ranch include llamas, alpaca, mules, miniature donkeys, chickens, and sheep.  “I am willing to allow area kids to come out here and work with the animals to show in 4-H or use in area parades,” shares Tonya.

Tonya’s llamas have led her down this road to raise funds through the use of the animals to help others.  The mules Tim and Tex, who pull the sleigh, took up residence at the ranch 2 ½ years ago after retiring from mule pulls.  Amy, a more timid mule, whose pulling partner died, has only been at the ranch 1 ½ years.

Even though Tonya hasn’t received any formal training for animal-assisted therapy she believes in the healing powers animals have with people who have experienced physical or emotional pain.

“After adults and children spend time with the animals they feel different.  They really enjoy the fresh air and companionship of the animals.

“I became an ordained minister,” shared Tonya. “Another dream would be to have cowboy church on Sunday and weddings.

“I am willing to provide the space, place, and animals for birthday parties, anniversary or family gatherings, and company parties,” Tonya says.  “I have a large outside grill, covered pavilion, and several picnic tables.”  “My father, who lives with my husband and I, would love to see people enjoying the property and have live music.”

Tonya’s heart is in helping others. She would like to encourage others to pay it forward and it doesn’t have to be monetarily.  “Do something nice for others,” encourages Tonya. “The more I pay it forward I am blessed.

“I would like to build a nice building so people can have hot cocoa after sleigh rides, I can see businesses sponsoring their employee to come out and use our facilities, monthly newsletters highlighting activities at the ranch, my ideas go on and on,” she says.

If you are interested in visiting the Pajama Llama Ranch or partnering with Tonya in her dreams contact her by phone or visit her website. Tonya Green-Wilson 231-907-3030 or The ranch is located on U.S. 31 north of Free Soil Road.

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