Mayor Henderson and Councilor Taranko honored

December 16, 2013
Mayor Henderson, right, reads a resolution honoring Councilor Taranko.

Mayor Henderson, right, reads a resolution honoring Councilor Taranko.

LUDINGTON — Mayor John Henderson presided over his last city council tonight, to a packed city council chambers. Several members of the community congratulated Mayor Henderson and Councilor Wally Taranko for their service to the city.

“Ludington is a great place to work, to live and to visit and a product of that has been a lot of good work from the city council and a lot of work of these two gentlemen tonight,” said Don Clingan, resident and vice president of Lake Michigan Carferry Service.

“As we celebrate your achievements, know that there are going to be challenges in the future. Let’s offer our support to the new mayor and new city council when they take office.”

Even Tom Rotta, a regular critic of Henderson and Taranko, said he commended the two of them for their service to the city.

Henderson’s wife, Penny, spoke about the mayor’s commitment to the city and to his family and how he has been able to balance the two since he started in community service. Penny recalled John’s campaign 13 years ago and how they would walk door to door to talk to citizens. He would often take his young daughters with him.

“He knew what people wanted and he knew what he wanted to accomplish for change.” She said he won the first election against Mayor Carol Pomorski by 46 votes. “We walked home from the courthouse that night, about a block down the alley. He squeezed my hand and said, ‘this is where we build the bridge between the haves and the have-nots.

“He found so many ways to provide events in downtown and make them free.” Penny referenced the skate park and how John would attend ribbon cuttings and community meetings and would often take his children.

Mayor Henderson and Councilor Taranko each received a “key to the city” in gratitude for their years of service to the city.

The council did conduct regular business as well. It renewed its contract with City Manager John Shay. Mayor Henderson commended Shay for his work for the city.

The council also renewed its contracts with the law firm Mika, Meyers, Beckett & Jones PLC of Manistee for civil affairs and with Susan Sniegowski for criminal affairs.

Several committee appointments were also made.

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