A parent responds to tweaking article

December 13, 2013

Letter to the Editor.

By Eric Jeffries, Riverton Twp.

As the father of a high-school student I want to say “KUDOS” to: the Mason County Press, parents, students and Ludington school administrators for addressing “twerking” even at the risk that a devout Miley Cyrus fan might disapprove of the scrutiny. It’s uplifting to see people capitalizing on an opportunity to engage in a life-lesson that in its own respect can be as important as reading, writing and arithmetic.

There may be experts who claim twerking is “harmless” but it would take an unusual father who wouldn’t lose a few notches of respect seeing their child indulged in it.

Our students are influenced by many leaders: parents, teachers, entertainers, peers, etc… and our kids are sorting through who they want to follow and what kind of leaders they want to become through their personal example.

Sometimes, “going with the flow” of pop-culture amounts to dancing with the devil and I’m glad there are students, staff, and parents who see “twerking” for what it is – a public, sexually-provocative activity. So what’s wrong with that? What’s the big deal? Animals get to do whatever they want why can’t we? That’s a question that the staff, parents and students discouraging this activity should be able to address.

I know several area parents and students who see twerking as perverse because it inflames a powerful passion that God reserved for a husband and wife.

No, twerking isn’t solely responsible for STDs or teenage pregnancy; but the subject has triggered a look at some deeper questions that are unfortunately shunned in most public spheres: is there a Creator and, if so, how should we live at school, work, home or on the dance floor?

My hope and prayer is that Ludington area high-school students will lead by setting a new standard for moral and academic excellence that onlookers and the younger students can look up to and be proud of.

Eric Jefferies