House of Flavors granted tax abatement

November 26, 2013

LUDINGTON — During its regular meeting Monday, the Ludington City Council approved a request for House of Flavors ice cream manufacturer to receive two tax abatements. The approval came following a public hearing, which allowed citizens an opportunity to voice their views on the request.
House of Flavors is building an addition to build a new boiler system at its downtown Ludington plant. It is requesting 50% tax abatement on the new addition for 12 years and it is requesting a 50% tax abatement on the boiler system for 6 years.
David Bourgette, owner of Viking Arms Motel in Ludington, said he was not in favor of tax abatements. “I have nothing against the House of Flavors in general, I do business with House of Flavors.” Bourgette said paying taxes was just part of running a business.
Bill Carpenter, owner of The Lamplighter Bed & Breakfast and also one of the county commissioners who represent the City of Ludington, said he supported the abatement. Carpenter praised Bob Neal, one of the owners of the company, for his involvement in the community.
Following the hearing, Mayor John Henderson told the council that state allows allow for tax abatements and that they encourage manufacturing, which means jobs.
“It’s a very competitive world out there.” Henderson said local manufacturers should be commended for staying in the community. “There’s lots of pressure for them to move to another community. House of Flavors is 165 jobs. We appreciate that they have been here. Their tax burden is much higher than the rest of us.”
Henderson said House of Flavors is still paying taxes, but just a reduction for a period of time.
“I understand that not everyone gets these breaks. Not everyone gets these opportunities.”

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