Franz supports Bridge Card reform

November 9, 2013

Michigan Bridge Cards could no longer be used at bank machines in liquor stores, casinos and adult entertainment clubs under legislation approved this week by the Michigan House.

Mason County’s state representative Ray Franz voted for House Bills 5014-15, which require liquor stores, horse racing tracks and adult entertainment venues to stop taxpayer-funded Bridge Card transactions on their premises and  require banks to calibrate their ATMs in casinos, liquor stores and adult entertainment clubs to reject Bridge Card cash withdrawal attempts.

“Buying alcohol, gambling or spending money in a strip club should not be allowed with taxpayer dollars,” said Franz, R-Onekama. “The assistance program is there to support people and families getting through a tough time with food and other necessities, not to be wasted on items that can add to their struggles.”

The bills are another of many steps taken by the Legislature to protect taxpayer dollars from fraud and abuse while providing for the needs of those who require welfare assistance.

The measures now go to the Senate for consideration.

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