Garrett Lake, a boy who loved making others laugh

November 5, 2013
Francis Knizacky comforts her brother, Daniel and another classmate.

Francis Knizacky comforts her brother, Daniel and another classmate.

MCP’s coverage of Garrett Lake’s funeral was done with permission and by request of his family.

By Rob Alway. Editor-in-Chief.

PERE MARQUETTE TWP. — Garrett Lake was a boy who loved to laugh, loved his friends, loved his family and, most importantly, loved Jesus. Hundreds of people filled Cornerstone Baptist Church Tuesday afternoon to remember the 11-year-old boy who lost his life in a single car accident two weeks ago in Branch Township, just a short distance from his home.

Jordan Lake speaks about her brother.

Jordan Lake speaks about her brother.

Many of Garrett’s classmates from Mason County Eastern and from his acting classes in Ludington were in attendance. Pastor Jim Petersen, senior pastor of Cornerstone, said Garrett wanted to be either an actor or a pastor. Though only 11, he pastored to his friends and family, always reminding them that there was a higher purpose to life. It seems Garrett had it figured out and knew where he was going after he left this life.

“He was an amazing kid,” Petersen said. “He had a way to turn things around and had a way of doing things where everybody was included. He loved people. He helped people.”

Becky Nash talked about how Garrett helped her son overcome many obstacles. “My son lost his best friend… My son is not like every other kid, he doesn’t make friends very easy.

lake_funeral_3Garrett helped make my son who he is today. When Garrett died part of my son died… My son will never be the same. Not because you died but because you lived. The world will not be the same without Garrett. The world needs more Garretts.”

Several children spoke during an “open microphone” time. They talked about how Garrett loved to make people smile and laugh. One girl talked about how Garrett made her feel welcome when she was new to the school. Another girl talked about the time Garrett decided he wanted to wear the MCE Cardinal mascot costume at a basketball game. She said he made the entire gymnasium laugh.”

Garrett’s sister, Jordan, who was severely injured in the October 25 crash, was at the funeral. She talked about how she would drive Garrett to his acting classes in Ludington and how the two of them, along with their sister, McKenna, would listen to the radio loud when they heard a favorite song. She said they loved to be with each other.

“It was an honor to be part of Garrett’s life,” said Cornerstone Youth Pastor Scott Martin. “Your son changed my life,” Martin said to Garrett’s parents, Jennifer Lake and Casey Martin read a letter that Garrett wrote to a friend of his who was having a difficult time.

Garrett told his friend that all he needed to do was look to Jesus. He said for an 11-year-old Garrett had an amazing insight to who God was. “He knew that salvation is not about how good you are but how good God is.”

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