Cox is Ludington’s next mayor

November 5, 2013

Cox speaks with Mayor John Henderson while his parents help celebrate.

LUDINGTON — Ryan Cox will be the City of Ludington’s next mayor. The 31-year-old teacher defeated city councilor and former police chief Wally Taranko 767-685 during Tuesday’s election.

“I’m ready to hit the ground running,” Cox said at his house, where he and his parents, Richard and Diana, were watching the results. “I’m looking forward to meeting with Mayor (John) Henderson and (City Manager) John Shay to discuss how we can keep the momentum going.

“I really admire Mayor Henderson for the work he has done and I look forward to carrying on the foundation he started. I also want to congratulate Wally Taranko on a great campaign. I admire him for his years of public service. Right away he called me tonight and that just shows that he’s a class act.”

Taranko said he called Cox and congratulated him and wished him well. “I told him that he has a lot going for him and I hope that he keeps the city in the same direction it’s been heading.”

Taranko said he isn’t sure what he will do next. He chose not to run for re-election for the second ward council seat. That seat was won by Kathy Winczewski, who defeated former city councilor David Buskirk 183-53.

The remainder of the seats were unopposed.

The new terms begin January 1, 2014.