Live your life well

November 4, 2013
copyright Mental Health America

copyright Mental Health America

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Caring for your mental health is something you should do throughout your life, whether you have mental health problems or not.  In fact, good habits for mental health go hand in hand with good habits for physical health.  Studies show that good mental health may not only help you feel better, it may help you live longer.

Mental Health America, a national nonprofit dedicated to helping all people live mentally healthier lives, has an excellent online resource called “Live Your Life Well.©”  A list of 10 simple tools offers specific guidance to people wanting to nurture their mental health.  Whether you’re concerned about your moods or anxiety level, or looking for a way to keep feeling fabulous—the Live Your Life Well© website is worth perusing.  It even offers advice on how to make new habits stick.

Don’t take your mental health for granted!  Take action and starting reaping the benefits of better mental health today.  Visit


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