Morning again

November 2, 2013

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NOOOOOOOOOO!!!! I don’t want to wake up! It’s still dark, it can’t be time… I can hear the wind… and I just know it’s raining or snowing or doing something nasty out there. The bed is so comfortable and warm. It’s dark. It’s cozy. Husband’s still asleep. The dogs are still asleep. It’s just too early.

BLAST – what is that horrible…. oh, the radio alarm. Aren’t there any good stations here, or is it just that no station sounds good at this hour? Don’t make me get up. Whapp! the snooze.

Ughh… that noise. It can’t be ten minutes later. Still dark. I don’t feel any more energetic. Maybe a shower? Gads, no – I don’t want to get wet, yuck, brrrrrrr. I’m already cold and burrowing deeper into the covers. Options….options….quick let me think…. anything to avoid getting out of the cocoon.

I could call in sick, and sleep for a while. Oh, I’d love to sleep for hours more. No, it would wake me up too much to have to talk to someone. Then I’d feel guilty because I’m not really sick, just…. so….. tired….. I don’t get it. I wasn’t up late. Yesterday wasn’t particularly hard or stressful. Why am I so sleepy?

OK, a toe out of the covers. Yep, this is as bad as I expected. It’s cold out here; I want to go back! I stumble through the hallway and grab a slice of cranberry orange bread. Glad I made that on the weekend. Put last night’s laundry into the dryer. Look around for a glimmer of daylight, a wagging tail, some reason to stay awake. Nothing.

What time is it? I hate Daylight Savings Time. Can I go back to bed? Oh look, a blanket on the sofa from watching TV last night. I could just take the chill off…. Yikes this leather sofa is cold! I’d be better off in bed; it’s already warm there. I’d be a gonner, though. I’d never get up. Thank you husband, turning the lights on will help. Talk to me, keep me conscious. No, you know I don’t drink coffee!! Haha, funny man. Brrrr.

Cold nose in my face. Remember that – don’t get big dogs, they wake you up with a cold nose. This one brought his rope toy. Really? Do I want to play robe at this hour? You’re cute, but no. Leave me alone, I’m hiding in the blanket.

Now the computer is on, I hear the chimes of it booting up. There’s a hint of sunlight in the sky. Both dogs are awake. It looks like I’m losing this bid to postpone the start of today.

The shower water won’t get warm enough, I’m hunched into my core with eyes squinting and shoulders tensed. I still want to sleep, but there’s no turning back now. Maybe a nap later… or maybe I’ll actually come to life and enjoy being awake. A look at the dark gray clouds and the blowing trees tells me otherwise. Better luck tomorrow, my dear. Make the best of today.


© 2013, J. Cools

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