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October 9, 2013

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My husband shared with me a few weeks ago that he likes reading my blog, “because I make more sense to him” after reading it.  After sitting with that for a bit, I realized that I make more sense to me after writing it too.

When I started writing, I never really thought much about someone actually reading it.  I wrote – and still do – because it helps me make sense of my world.  The human experience is baffling, overwhelming, and often lonely.  Organizing it into words, sentences, and paragraphs helps me frame things and gives me a sympathetic listener, even if it is an imaginary audience.

I started my blog as a home decorating blog because it felt safe.  Who can take issue with orange throw pillows for fall décor?  What I quickly realized was that no one took issue because no one cared.  There are literally thousands of blogs and sites dedicated to decorating your house. My niche was in the writings that I hadn’t been brave enough to share – the ones where I reflected on the actual living happening in those homes.

We all wrestle with the big questions while simultaneously trying to figure out what is for dinner.

I believe we have a responsibility to share our stories, no matter how scary it may be.  Those stories, from the mundane to the profound, are the connections between us that create community.  What we give, we receive.  Knowing that I have made someone laugh, cry, or see the world in a new way makes the risk worthwhile.

I still hesitate and take a very deep breath whenever I send a blog out to be published.  I worry about whether I will be judged, whether my intention will be clear, and if I will be sorted into the “like me” or the “not like me” bin at the end of the day. I want to give people a place to take a breath and reflect on the meaning of their own life, but deep down, I want to be liked too.

I made a promise early on not to share anything about the people in my personal life that didn’t belong to me as part of my own story, or that might embarrass them.  I try to keep my published blogs focused on my perspective only, which is why I am really excited to share a new project with you.

My friend, and editor of the Mason County Press, Rob Alway, is giving me a forum to tell the stories of others as well.  They will be published on the Mason County Press site beginning in the next couple of weeks – but I definitely need some help to make this happen.  If you are local and willing to let me tell your story, or if you know someone who has a great story to tell, please let me know. Remember – it doesn’t have to be anything big – we all have something to share!

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