Stop bullying in its tracks

October 7, 2013

RRR 1 - Stop Bullying - OCTRenew. Rebuild. Recover. 

Introducing a new blog from the staff of West Michigan Community Mental Health. This blog will discuss topics of relevance to mental health in our community, state and country. 

Bullying is linked to mental health problems and unhealthy behaviors in kids who are bullied, kids who bully others, and kids who witness bullying. In October, schools and other groups across the country are gearing up to commemorate National Bullying Prevention Month by raising awareness among kids and the adults who care about them.

In our local area, Mason County Central Middle School’s Anti-Bullying Committee is placing signs and banners throughout the school asking kids to take a pledge against bullying. The Anti-Bullying Committee (ABC) is a group of students committed to making MCC Middle School a kinder place for all students. School Counselor Scott Sheffler reported that one of the ABC’s activities this month will include exercises to illustrate the lasting effects of cruel words and actions. Signs, banners, and accessories such as pins and t-shirts will read slogans like “NBA: No Bullying Allowed” and “NPD: No Put Downs.”

Renew. Rebuild. Recover. is brought to you by West Michigan Community Mental Health. 

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