Badger back to single crossings, last week of season

October 7, 2013
The SS Badger docked in Ludington.

The SS Badger docked in Ludington.

LUDINGTON — The S.S. Badger is back to single daily crossings as it enters its last week of the 2014 sailing season. Traditionally, the Badger ends its double-sailing schedule after Labor Day weekend. While that happened this year, within a few weeks it was back to double crossings due to the demand of commercial traffic, particularly the transport of wind turbine parts.

Since 2013 wind turbine traffic has been a major part of the Badger’s business. It is the only ferry on Lake Michigan that provides daily service for commercial vehicles. It also transports a variety of other freight vehicles as well.

Terri Brown, director of marketing and media relations, said the demand for wind turbine traffic has down been reduced and Saturday night was the last double-sailing night. The Badger’s last sailing of the season is scheduled for Sunday, Oct. 13.

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