A public thank you from the MSP-Hart Post

September 20, 2013


A thank you to our community

This past week has been difficult for members of the Michigan State Police Hart Post, the State Police family and all law enforcement. We laid to rest a partner, brother, and a son and we will forever try to make sense of a senseless tragedy. We will deeply miss Paul and we will never forget the sacrifice he made.

Throughout the past week one thing was steadfast and that was the overwhelming support from our community. This ranged from flowers, food, and cards being delivered to the post to a simple “sorry for your loss” or a “thank you for your service” from citizens that we came into contact with during our day. These gestures however large or small gave us the knowledge that there is far more goodness in this world than evil.

Those of us in law enforcement took a knee this past week however, the work doesn’t stop.
We promise that we will stand tall again, some faster than others but we will continue to defend that line between good and evil and to protect and to serve. As Col. Kriste Kibbey Etue the Director of the Michigan State Police stated during the funeral service; “we will tell our brother Paul that we know our work never ends and we’ll take it from here…”

Our community will move through this tragedy together and although the weeks and months ahead may hold more challenges, we will be alright…together.

From the bottom of our hearts we thank our community for the support that you have given us these past few days.

Godspeed Tpr. Paul K. Butterfield II, we will never forget.

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