Suspects identified in trooper’s shooting

September 10, 2013
Eric and Sarah Knysz

Eric and Sarah Knysz

Grand Rapids TV stations WZZM and WOOD have reported the suspects involved in Monday’s killing of a Michigan State Police trooper are Eric Knysz, 20, and his wife Sarah Knysz, 21, both of Irons. is reporting that one of its reporters has spoken to John (also known as Jack) Knysz, the father of Eric Knysz. John said Eric and Sarah were using John’s truck with permission when they were pulled over Monday, around 6:30 p.m. on North Custer Road in Free Soil Township. He told WOOD that Eric and Sarah were heading to Memorial Medical Center in Ludington to get Eric’s shoulder check out. He said he did not know why Eric was pulled over.

WOOD TV has found out that the second vehicle involved with the incident was stolen from Timothy Schultz of 5915 E. Hansen Road. He told WOOD TV that Eric had come by earlier in the day to test drive the vehicle earlier in the came and came back to steal it later.

John Knysz also confirmed that his daughter-in-law was about six months pregnant. She is currently lodged at the Mason County Jail. John said she is in good physical condition by has been tearful at times.

The Michigan State Police is investigating the fatal shooting and is overseeing all media relations. Most police agencies will not release the names of suspects unless they have been arraigned.

John Knysz, a former police officer, said he cooperated with police Monday night during the investigation into the shooting. He told WZZM that his family is incredibly remorseful and he apologizes for the actions of his son. He feels terrible about the situation.

Eric Knysz is hospitalized at Munson Medical Center in Traverse City and in police custody. He was shot in the knee, his dad said, during a shootout with police when the two were captured Monday night near the Dublin General Store in Wellston. Eric is a graduate of Manistee High School.

Eric Knysz has a criminal record. WZZM listed them as follows:

  • Guilty Plea on July 31, 2008 to Felony Home Invasion 1st Degree
  • Guilty Plea on September 4, 2012 to Misdemeanor Operating Impaired
  • Guilty Plea on March 19, 2013 to Misdemeanor Operating – Violation of License Restrictions and Misdemeanor Weapons (switchblade) – Possession or Sale
  • Guilty Plea on May 17, 2013 to Misdemeanor Domestic Violence

WZZM obtained the information from the Michigan State Police website.

The suspects have not yet been arraigned. An area attorney told MCP that court rules require a person who has been arrested to be arraigned “without unnecessary delay.”  The attorney said a person of interest can also be held, most likely for up to 48 hours.


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