Casting call for new ‘Mickey Matson’ movie

August 21, 2013
VICTORY TWP. — 10 West Studios and EMC Productions will be casting for their new feature film, “Mickey Matson and the Pirates’ Code” this Friday, August 23 from 5 to 9 p.m. at West Shore Community College, Center Stage Theater in the Arts & Sciences building, 3000 N. Stiles Road, Scottville, Mi. 49454.
Filming of the movie, which will take place mostly in Mason and Manistee counties, is expected to start in the next month. TMickeyMatson_iTunes_Posterhe movie was written by Harold Cronk of Amber Township. Its executive producer is Edgar Struble, a Scottville native and seasonal Ludington resident.
The following roles will be cast:
[SANCHEZ] Approximately 18, Sanchez is another recruit working with Max,Vicky and Martha at the Secret Order of Patriots training camp. Sanchez is partnered with Martha in a training mission along with Mickey and Sully, and he’s a little nervous when Mickey starts thinking for himself. Sanchez is put out of commission by the Rogue pirates, and brought back to the pirate ship to fight the bad guys…6 lines, 6 scenes

[EVAN] 33, this tech looking guy works for the Secret Order of the Patriots, and comes up to Grandpa Jack with some crucial information. Later, he sneaks his way on board Ironsides’ ship disguised as a pirate, where he’s discovered by Seamus…5 lines, 2 scenes

[BENJI] The eccentric, squeaky-voiced tour guide aboard the USS Silversides, Benji is very knowledgeable about the ship and obviously enjoys his job–that is, until he’s thrown overboard by pirates…4 speeches & 2 lines, 1 scene

[TWITCHY PIRATE] This twitchy pirate on Ironsides’ ship is very embarrassed when his mom calls him on his cell phone during one of Ironsides’ big speeches…2 lines, 1 scene

[ROGUE LEADER] 40, he’s the leader of another group of pirates under Ironsides’ order. He infiltrates the SOP, with the help of turncoat Lynch…4 lines, 2 scenes

[GUARD #1] This bored guard outside the engine room on Ironsides’ ship is put out of commission by the “electrified” Jeremiah…2 lines, 1 scene

[BRASS KNUCKLES] 30 – 50,The “Heavy” for Admiral Ironsides. Always wears two pair of huge brass knuckles. Not a lot of lines, but tons of screen time. Must be able to Growl. Scary, very large and muscular.
{Multiple Mercenary Pirates} Various. Some speaking roles available. Looking for the meanest, biggest, bad guys that also have comedy skills. Think the bad guys from Home Alone. Must be willing to do some mild stage style combat and stunt work….like getting beat up by kids.

Pirates 45 – 65 Mostly Males, A few Females, Need A Diverse Group.
SOP Recruit 16 – 22 Male and Female, Fit BodyTtype, Need A Diverse Group.
Military Drill Sgt’s 30’s – 60’s Male and Female, Fit Body Type, Need A Diverse Group.

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