Scottville closer to cleaning up blight

August 19, 2013

SCOTTVILLE — The City of Scottville is closer to cleaning up blighted homes. Earlier this year the city commission set its top goal as cleaning up properties that were in violation of the city’s zoning ordinance. The city administration has made a strong effort to enforce the code by attempting to contact the owners of the nearly 30 properties that were seen as the top violators. To date, most property owners have responded, City Manager Amy Williams, by working on their houses or stating they plan to work on them in the very near future.

However, up until recently four property owners had failed to contact the city. The response was a letter from City Attorney Tracy Thompson. As a result, two of the owners have come forward and stated they plan on working on the homes.

“We had determined that those two homes should be torn down,” Williams told the commission Monday during its regular meeting. “But, the owners plan on putting money into the homes to fix them up.”

It is likely the city will take legal action against the other two property owners.

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