A word on comments

August 16, 2013

You may have noticed that the comment section is missing from our posts. The reason for this is that under the current design of our website, commenters are able to submit anonymously. We feel that if you have something to say that you should use your real name. After-all, we are adults. Plus, we never really received a lot of comments on our website comment section anyway. Most comments and reader interactions are made on our Facebook site, www.Facebook.com/MasonCountyPress.

Because of that, we plan on adding an option to post directly to Facebook from our posts.

With that in mind, we have posted our policy about comments on Mason County Press and our Facebook site: All comments must be made using a real name (this is also the policy of Facebook as well). We will not tolerate users who use false or anonymous names.

This was abused earlier in the week by what was clearly a false account set-up strictly to agitate a local government. While we don’t have an issue with people questioning government — and we certainly don’t discourage public comment and discussion — we believe that it should be done without anonymity.

Again, we encourage public conversation and the expression of opinions. We will not allow comments that are libelous toward any particular individual. We always reserve the right to remove any individual or any comment from any of our sites.

Thank you for your understanding.

Rob Alway, Editor-in-Chief

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