WKLA not moving, just frequency

August 8, 2013

LUDINGTON — WKLA-FM will remain in Ludington. However, it is very likely that it will not be at 106.3 in a few years. On Wednesday, MCP reported that Synergy Media Inc., owner of WKLA-FM had filed paperwork with the Federal Communications Commission to move WKLA-FM from Ludington to Thompsonville.

Synergy owner Todd Mohr responded today that while technically that is true, the actual move will involve the moving of the frequency. Because a station is identified with the FCC by its call letters, the paperwork states that WKLA-FM will be moving.

“WKLA isn’t actually being moved, it will simply be moved to a different frequency on the dial,” Mohr said. “This is part of a technical facility realignment and will not occur for a year or two. WKLA will remain right here in Ludington.

WKLA-FM is the area’s oldest FM radio station. Its sister station, WKLA-AM began in the 1940s.

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