Left turn light at PM and 10

August 8, 2013


PERE MARQUETTE TWP. — Workers from Michigan Department of Transportation have completed work on a left turn phase at the intersection of U.S. 10 and Pere Marquette Highway. Motorists turning south from the east will now be able to do so more safely because of the left green light. An MDOT worker said they also added a green right turn phase for eastbound traffic coming from the south.

A right turn phase already existed for traffic turning south from the west. However, motorists who are used to that light instantly turning green when the east-west light is red need to now pay closer attention.

The corridor between Ludington and Scottville is one of the most dangerous sections of highway in Michigan. MDOT also has plans to put left turn phases at the intersection at U.S. 10-31 and Brye Road.