This week at Sandcastles Children’s Museum

August 5, 2013

By Andrea Carlson. Sandcastles Children’s Museum. 

There is a lot of fishy stuff going on down at Sandcastles! Have you seen our new brook trout? We are happy to have our new trout tank running with the help of science teacher and Sandcastles’ member, Mark Willis. He helped us set up our new chiller and tank, which was bought with a generous grant from the West Michigan Hacklers’ Association. The water in the tank is a chilly 59 degrees, just perfect for the three young brook trout that now live there. Come in and see our state fish in their new home, and at the same time you can help us name them by dropping your suggestions in the box. We have some great suggestions already: Fishstick, Vladamir, or Yum-Yum!

We are offering an opportunity for kids to learn the art of fly tying this week at Workshop Wednesday. The Hacklers will come in with their equipment and teach kids to tie their own fishing flies. The class starts at 1 p.m. There is a sign up sheet at the front desk if you are interested.

This Fun Friday, families can explore the seven continents through the animals of the world in a program called Science of Critterography. It combines Science, Geography, and Ecology topics in one unforgettable show. Ventriloquist and author, Vikki Gasko-Green has a zany cast of animal creatures that “come to life” in her skilled hands. The characters interact with the ventriloquist and the students through fun comedy routines that include facts about animals and their habitats. Additionally, dazzling illusions and props designed for elementary school audiences capture student’s attention and keep them wondering what will happen next. It is like “Animal Planet” meets “Nickelodeon”. Please come enjoy this free for members program.

Summer is flying by, don’t miss your chance to spend some quality time with your kids at Sandcastles!

Summer Hours are Monday – Saturday 9:30 a.m. 5 p.m. thru August 31st.  For more information about the museum, visit us at

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