4 properties make Scottville’s top clean-up list

July 16, 2013

SCOTTVILLE — Four properties have reached the highest priority list of homes that need to comply with the city of Scottville’s zoning code. For the past few months the City Commission has been discussing homes that are violation of the city code. A list of about 30 homes was compiled by city employees and commissioners. The majority of the property owners have responded to the city’s request to fix up the houses.

The owners were sent certified notices by the city and had a deadline to respond. Four of those property owners received the requests and have not responded by the deadline. They now have the distinction of being moved to the top of the list and may face legal action by the city.

Those properties include: 229 N. Bean St., 127 W. Broadway, 113 E. State St. and 416 E. State St.

City Manager Amy Williams said there are also three properties where the certified mail was returned to city hall as “unclaimed,” meaning the intended recipient never picked up the mail. She said she will be working with the police department to deal with those property owners, except for one who lives in Florida. On that particular one, she will have the city attorney, Tracy Thompson, send correspondence.

The four priority property owners will next receive a letter from Thompson offering them solutions. If they do not respond to his letter, they will very likely next face Thompson in the 79th District Court.

The effort to clean up code violations has come from requests from residents and from the city commission.

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