Cloudy today with chance of rain

July 3, 2013

superior electric 250Superior Electric Beach/Outdoors Report.

Here are the current conditions for the Lake Michigan shoreline and Mason County (including Pentwater) as of 2 p.m. today.

Lake Michigan water temperatures:

Ludington Stearns Park: 54 F

Ludington State Park (Big Sable Point): 42 F

Summit Park: 48 F

Pentwater: 48 F

Afternoon air temperatures:

Ludington and Pentwater: Cloudy becoming partly cloudy later with temperatures reaching 75 degrees F. Humidity: 71%; wind: northwest at 3 mph. Isolated thunderstorms expected by 8 p.m. with showers until 1 a.m.

July 4: Partly cloudy with high temperatures at 76 F; 20 percent chance of rain; winds: south-southwest at 12mph.

Scottville: Mostly cloudy becoming partly cloudy later with temperatures reaching 79 degrees F. Humidity: 62%; wind: east at 8 mph changing to norhwest at 5 mph later.

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